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When: Thursday, February 1 and Friday, February 2 at 7 PM CST.
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Have you heard the “Last Days” will be Hell on Earth?

Wait…are we in the “Last Days” now?

Do the End Times cause you to have fear and confusion?

I mean…there’s a lot scary End Time Topics you hear people talking about:
  • The Rapture and a Period of Tribulations…
  • ​Wars and rumors of wars…And something about  Russia being the Bear…and an Eagle
  • ​Or The Beast…and his mark…and his number
  • ​Then there’s warnings to the Seven Churches
  • ​You cannot forget the antichrist…who’s usually claimed to be the current president
The End Times used to leave me confused and fearful, until I learned how to correctly view them.
The Key To Understanding All These Is A Little Known Secret,
That’s So Simple Yet Profound.
But before we go there, I want you to play a little game of imagination…

Imagine you wrote a letter…or a dear friend and referenced current events from the last two years…in one really really long letter…

Would your friend understand the references to what’s happened the last two years?

Yes, of course they would understand!!

But what if someone found your letter…or email…in 2000 years…in the year 4023

And translated it into a different language that doesn’t even exist yet…

Is the context of the last few years we’ve experienced critical for that 4023 person to understand what you’re talking about in your letter?

YES, of course it's important!!

An understanding of our current events would be very important for them to fully understand the meaning of the letter and references inside it.

Without knowing the current culture, viewpoints, and the context…they could never truly know what our letter was really talking about.

Do you think it would be super helpful if the future knew who you were and what you were experiencing during this time personally, as a community, and as a nation?

Yup, that's pretty critical information for them to know!

Do you also think it'd be really important if they knew the same details about the person (or group) that the letter was written to...the person, their community, and nation?

It sure would be important for that person in 4023 to understand!

A letter you write to your friend could never mean anything but what it was originally intended to mean.

And that my friends is the Hidden Secret to understand the end times and kicking fear to the curb…

It’s understanding the historical, contextual, and cultural climate of the times when these books were written, who was writing them, and who they were being written to!

Are you ready to fast track your learning in just four sessions?
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In These Four Sessions,
We'll Address The Most Confusing Topics Surrounding The End Times…
Answering The Questions Most People Are Too Afraid To Ask!

Session 1: The Four Views
of the End Times

  • ​The Rapture Theory and How the Disciples didn’t believe in it
  • ​The four views of the end times…yes…there are four different views of the end times and you’ve most likely only been taught one
  • ​Did you know the predominant view of the end times in the US is only 100 years old??

Session 2: Decode the
Destruction of the Temple

  • ​Jesus’ Prophecy about destruction in Matthew 24 and what event in history brought fulfillment
  • ​A widely accepted historical text that was written by a non-believer that will clearly explain these events
  • ​And the Man of Lawlessness himself

Session 3: Revelation and
The Seven Churches

  • It’s time to breakdown the Book of Revelation and understand its Significance
  • ​Learn about the Seven Churches in Revelation and the cultural references of each letter and Church

Session 4: Cracking 
Open the
Conspiracy Theories

  • ​The Antichrist…did you know that word never appears in the Book Revelation?
  • ​Learn about the beast, the mark of the beast, and how his number was an ancient game
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See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
School of Kingdom has been one the single most beneficial investments I’ve made in myself and business. Yes I said business too. Because as a CEO, it gave me the theological foundation to use my business to bring Christ into all things including how and what I serve my clients. It was deeply satisfying to unlearn the junk and walk in the freedom of the King. I highly recommend SoK. 
- Julia W.
I appreciate the Kingdom revelations that Dubb brings to the table, as I feel like my message has some overlaps within the Business Marketplace as well as the sphere of Government. 
I signed up to join SoK to hone in on some of my existing skillsets and gain understanding of a different perspective of unity, reconciliation, and the original intent with the Kingdom of God. 
- Nathan Z.
Being part of the SOK family has been transformational! 
Dubb's exceptional teaching on The Kingdom has truly blessed me tremendously! 
I am now walking in authority advancing The Kingdom, because I know who I am and walk as a queen taking dominion in the area that God has predestined for me to walk in, and that I am forever grateful for!
- Ingrid E.
Meet Your Kingdom End times facilitators
Dubb Alexander

Dubb has two core values that guide his life:
1. If you can’t laugh, he isn’t going.
2. If we aren’t changing the world, he isn’t playing.

So, if you want to be equipped to change the world
and have fun doing it, School of Kingdom is your tribe!

Credentialed by the United Nations, Dubb Alexander travels the world working with multiple presidents and other heads of state around the globe to bring Kingdom solutions to nations.

In 2018 encouraged by his spiritual father in the prophetic, Dan McCollam, Dubb began training other Kingdom minded world changers to do what he has done so effectively; to infiltrate the highest spheres of influence and covertly implement the strategies of heaven into the systems of the world.

When Dubb is not traveling he can be found in Amarillo, TX loving life with his beautiful wife of 19 years, Beth, and his 11 year old daughter Cinda.
Ryan Peña
SOK is honored to have THE Ryan Peña acting as it’s National Director!

A true Kingdom Revelator with incredible prophetic insight and apostolic strategy Ryan is passionate about equipping the saints with sound theology so that believers know what God’s thoughts are about them, how to partner effectively with their assignment on earth while communicating His heart to the world around them in a practical, impactful way.

To this day, Ryan carries a vision for people to discover their identity and occupy their place in the Kingdom. His mission is to see the Kingdom advance as the fullness of authentic five-fold grace is restored in the earth. Ryan currently serves in senior leadership at Church of Acts in San Antonio, TX. He’s also the co-founder of House of Many Waters online ministry, and serves the Body of Christ as an itinerant minister. Ryan, his wife Leslie, and 5 children reside in San Antonio, TX
More Love From Past Students
 Dubb has such a special ability to connect people to the true heart of the Father 
SoK has transformed the way I look at Kingdom and Prophecy. Dubb has such a special ability to connect people to the true heart of the Father that unfortunately had been buried by a religious mindset I was taught in the church. As I found freedom in seeing God differently and reading scripture differently and it began to release me to walk in a greater authority in my identity in Him. The practical part Dubb offered in prophetic activation is so effective, after taking his school I have so many more prophetic tools to work with. It has taken prophecy out of the church for me and now I have tangible ways to give a prophetic word anywhere and to anyone. This school with Dubb is 100% recommended!
Melissa M.
Each week you will be taken to a whole new level
SoK has upgraded me to a whole new level. This amazing community that Dubb Alexander has built is one where you learn a whole different concept in a fun and loving environment. Each week you will be taken to a whole new level with your understanding of how the Kingdom works and was originated as well as new activations to increase your prophetic abilities. This class is much more than Kingdom prophetic teaching. Taking this class will bring you to new heights and understanding of how loving our Father truly is. It will encourage and equip you to bring the Kingdom to earth. “On Earth, as it is in Heaven”. You will be equipped to change the world...Kingdom Style!
Penny B.
I grew up in church and always felt something was missing in my spiritual life.
I grew up in church and always felt something was missing in my spiritual life. I’ve been a dreamer and prophetic since I was little but no one could or was grooming me in my spiritual gifts. I knew I had the gift of prophecy but I didn’t know what to do with it.
SoK helped me understand how to walk in honor in the gift of prophecy and use it to encourage and build people up.
Knowing the skills SoKP teaches has helped me build stronger relationships with my husband and kids.
I feel like for the first time in my life I am walking in the power of who I was created to be.
Grace S.
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